Lime infused Bulk 1kg Bag

Lime infused Bulk 1kg Bag

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A hint of lime leaves a fresh tropical taste in your mouth after each bite and which will leave you wanting more! Our lime-infused flavour is great for those who are a little shy of heat and spice in their jerky.

INGREDIENTS : Australian Grassfed Beef, Soy Sauce, Vinegar, Pepper, Chilli, Lime, Garlic.

High Protein, Preservative Free. 100% Homemade & hand-packed in Australia.

BEEF QUALITY GUARANTEE: We carefully source our beef with two things in mind; 1 - it’s 100% grass-fed and 2 - it meets the MSA (Meat Standards of Australia) strict criteria from the paddock to the consumer. This ensures the consistency of the product and flavors are maintained for every batch produced.