Paleo 100g

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Apple Cider Vinegar with “The Mother” gives our Paleo Jerky it's crisp clean taste. Our other key ingredient is the purest honey in Australia sourced from Kangaroo Island to use as a replacement for proceesed cane sugar. Combining these two products with our lean grass-fed beef ensures that those following the Paleo diet or anyone who 'eats clean' enjoy a delicious healthy jerky snack.

INGREDIENTS : Australian Grassfed Beef, Chilli, Coconut Sap, ACV, Kangaroo Island Honey, Pepper.

High Protein, Preservative Free. 100% Homemade & hand-packed in Australia.

BEEF QUALITY GUARANTEE: We carefully source our beef with two things in mind; 1 - it’s 100% grass-fed and 2 - it meets the MSA (Meat Standards of Australia) strict criteria from the paddock to the consumer. This ensures the consistency of the product and flavors are maintained for every batch produced.